Sasha Fajerstein

My name is Sasha Fajerstein and I am a junior undergrad student majoring in mathematics and minoring in secondary education. While I love math, my real passion is teaching. I love being around and working with other people at all times, which is part of the reason I want to teach for a living! I grew up in a north suburb of Chicago called Wilmette, but my mom moved to the city (of Chicago) when I graduated from high school. I am obsessed with Chicago and can't wait to live there after I graduate!

Even though I want to be a high school teacher, I absolutely love little kids. I worked at a day care with all 3 year olds, and spending time with kids makes me the happiest person ever. When I'm home, I spend a ton of time with my two and a half year old niece, and anyone that knows me has to hear me talk about her all the time! I am working on teaching her how to count, and so far we've gotten through the first ten numbers $\in \mathbb{N}$

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