Nick Baier

Hi my name is Nick Baier. I am a junior in math and planning to double major in econ. I am planning on going into a graduate finance program for the trading of options and futures. My ideal goal is to work on the Chicago Board of Trade and live downtown. I hope that I can use my math skills to deal with real people, real problems, and real money and not just sit in a back room and crunch numbers. I am also the president of MATRIX math club and I strongly encourage everyone to join. I enjoy meeting with professionals and am excited to get into the real world. Most important of all I am a Packers fan and will be till the day I die, even though we sucked this year.

For the mathematical expression I decided to use the golden ratio cause hey it's pretty cool

$\varphi = \frac{1 + \sqrt{5}}{2} \approx 1.6180339887...$

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