Carl Stream

Hello all. My name is Carl and I'm a junior from Gurnee, Illinois, a north suburb of Chicago right near the border between Wisconsin and Illinois. I'm taking this class because I have $2$ for my major, although I chose this over a different class because I felt it would be more interesting. Here are some basic facts about me:


Totally Pro-Dolphin
Can Read
Way Cute
Likes to Deadlift
Friends with John Zegar

These are some key reasons as to why I'm a pretty sweet guy. The other neat thing about me is that I judge everything in my life by this one key phrase: "If $a \mid b$, then a is a pretty cool dude."

If you ever need to reach me for this class, these are the best ways to do so:

email: ude.cuiu|2maertsc#ude.cuiu|2maertsc
phone: 8476506430
aim: cstream2

I look forward to talking to all of you and learning with you (maybe).

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