Alli Grotz

Hello! My name is Alli and I am a Junior majoring in Mathematics-Secondary Education. I enjoy reading [especially the Twilight series =) haha], watching movies, playing soccer [when the weather is nice enough!], and just hanging out with my friends! I recently had the pleasure of moving up a flight into a new apartment this semester since the sprinkler system pipes exploded in my last apartment and caused everything to mold! haha But I'm moved in now (for the most part) and ready to start the semester! =)

Also, I recently taught a lesson to 8th graders dealing with the axioms we talked about on the first day of class using a balancing equations applet. Some of those axioms we looked at and I taught about were:
if $a,b,c, \in \mathbb{Z}$
$a=a$ (reflexive)
$ab = ba$ (commutativity of addition)
if $a=b$ and $b=c$ then $a=c$ (transitive)
…and most of the other ones we talked about.

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